Thursday, 16 October 2014

Building A Skeleton

I used polymorph and aluminium wire to create the armature. Polymorph is this really cool stuff that comes in the form of little white plastic beads. You put them in boiling water and after a while they go translucent and gel together. You take them out of the water and then mould them into whatever shape you want. Once its cooled. your shape goes white and becomes hard plastic. If you want to remould it, just put it back in boiling water and repeat the process.

I made the bones first out of the polymorph but once I'd laid them all out on top of the armature drawing I realised they were too big all round, joints would not be able to bend as the bones would hit against each other.

So I remoulded the whole thing, making everything a lot smaller. Perfect. I then twisted my wire together, using pliers, a spoon and my fingers. Get the required strands of wire, twist the ends round a spoon handle, the actual spoon bit will stop them slipping off the spoon, then hold the other ends of the wire in the pliers and then start twisting the spoon. The wire will then neatly and evenly twist together.

Spine: 1.5mm x 3
Arms: 1.5mm x 2
Legs: 1.5mm x 2
Feet: 1.5mm x 1
Wrists: 1mm x 2
Fingers: 1mm x 2

I then softened the bones in boiling water and pushed the wire through them, making holes. Once the polymorph had hardened again I glued the wire into the holes in the bones with epoxy glue.

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