Thursday, 16 October 2014

Inuit Art

This is the point at which I realised I did not want to create the Sun story for my third year film. Time was running out though before the beginning of term, and obviously I had no film to pitch. So I did the only thing conceivable at this point and took the dog for a walk and contemplated life.

On this walk I began to think about a previous film idea I had had. It was about Inuits. I then thought about Inuit Art and connections and thoughts began happening in my mind. So I went home and started researching Inuit Art and Inuit history and myths and legends.

I find Inuits fascinating and adore their art, their carvings are quirky and full of personality. The shapes are curvy and smooth, often very simple form-wise. They created art that spoke of the nature around them. I drew out some of their carvings which you can see below. I find their art very inspiring and rich in ideas.

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