Thursday, 16 October 2014

Stop Staring At Me!!

The Creatures were a little tricky to design. I had to make them creepy, but not too creepy so that they were scary. They needed to look annoying rather than evil, but menacing enough that you question their intentions. I liked the design with the teeth but decided this bordered on scary too much. The skinny version also had too  much of a horror look about it. So I settled for more of an impish, squatting, hunched over look about it.

It's face is based on an Inuit mask design and this gave me the idea that it's face should be like a mask in the fact it doesn't move, it can only twist its head from side to side, in that creepy slightly dislocated way that horror films use. The fixed facial expressions makes it seem like the Creatures are constantly staring at Aluki and Anik, making their presence more annoying and intense. Even if the Creatures are just standing there motionless (they do a lot of loitering) they are still forcing themselves upon the Inuits.

The Creature that represents Aluki has the same body shape (although it is slightly shorter) as the one representing Anik, but its face is different. So the faces on Anik's necklace and Aluki's bangle will be different. The faces are different as they represent the two different characters. The Creatures are the same height as the Inuit they represent.

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