Sunday, 28 April 2013

Sea Sick

I've been working on how the sea will animate during the memory part of our Sea Project film. I wanted it to look really violent and scary so I used sharp forms to create the waves. I made this test shot by painting the 10 different wave shapes with ink and then using Flash to actually stick it all together and tween it. I wanted to get quite a lot of motion in to make the sea look rough, which is why I chose to have the waves actually rolling rather than just moving in a fixed position from side to side. I think I've achieved what I was after :)

This is the same as above but I used Olivia's scribbles on top of my waves and i cleaned up the edges of the waves as they were fairly messy.

I thought the scribbles made the sea look less intense as the addition of white caused them to look a bit weak and washed out, so I went back into Photoshop and played about until I got the colours shown in the video below. I think this version works the best as the sea looks the most frightening here. If you stare at these waves for long enough without blinking, it does actually make you feel kinda sick, as well as screwing with your eyes, so I'll take that as a success in itself!

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