Thursday, 25 April 2013

The Sea Project

We were set this project ages ago but I've just been lazy and not posted anything about it, until now. On this project I'm working with Eline and Olivia (check out their blogs: and and our group was given a sound clip from an interview with a girl who was injured while surfing. All three of us were really glad we were given this one as we felt it stood out from the rest. 

Here is the transcript:

Hello my name's Ellise. Ermm I was involved in a surfing accident. One day I was surfing at Porthmoer Beach and then while I was on a wave I fell off, and when I fell off my board wentforward and hit someone else's board, so as soon as I popped up from the water, the board came back and hitme, with a fin, in the face. And sliced my face.I thought that I'd bruised my face cuz I had this really sharp pain but then when I looked at my hands there was loads of blood and all on my wetsuit, it was horrible. And I had to have 8 stitches. I've got a, a little, like a half moon shape on my face. In 2 years the doctor said I can get it removed, but I don't think I want to, cuz I quite like it. 

One of the first things my group did was go on a little journey to check out the beautiful Porthmoer Beach for ourselves to get reference material. Below are some of the photos I took.

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