Wednesday, 10 April 2013


Here's my vanilla walk for motion studies class. First attempt at using Flash for drawing frame by frame, as my previous run ins with Flash have only used its tweening functions to animate, or as with my very first ever walk cycle (it's on my youtube!) creating objects on layers and then moving them about rather than doing any more drawing. It definitely looks better when you just draw each frame out though. I used my fancy new Waccom tablet and found it pretty difficult transitioning from a pencil, as I just can't get smooth lines. This walk took a ridiculous effort to clean up the lines, so much more time than if I'd used pencil and paper.
HOWEVER, despite all my whinings, Flash does have some really positive points! It is so easy to just check how your animation's looking and adjust things. So I'm going to use it more from now on.
So the walk... well I'm happy with it for now. The main thing for me to think about was opposing the shoulders to the hips as I haven't done that before. It is a bit stompy for a normal walk though.

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