Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Experimental Test Numero Uno

This test is for my experimental animation module. We have been given a choice of music, each track lasting 1 minute, which we have to create an animation for. Computers are NOT to be used except for putting it all together at the end. The animation needs to work well with the music and narrative is optional.

This first test I did is of ink. I soaked the paper in water and then applied the ink in various ways. Sometimes the ink's unpredictability played out in my favour, but other times it just looked a mess and eventually the paper got too wet and did that annoying thing where it all disintegrates and you get little bobbles everywhere. Maybe if I did it on a non porous surface it would work better. I liked the pink swirl and the black splashes that cover the screen towards the end, perhaps because they're quite dramatic movements. Also, at the end the wet black ink was so glossy it became reflective and my face and the camera become clearly visible in it. I thought this was quite a cool effect, but you would want something appropriate to reflect in it (so not my face) but that would be pretty difficult to do. 

I don't think I'll be using this in my animation as the ink was too hard to control and there wasn't anything in there that I was particularly impressed with. 

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