Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Experimental Test Numero Dos

This is the second of my experimental animation tests. This is using charcoal on wood. I feel this is waaaaaaay better than the ink test. I like the smudgy effect of the charcoal and it's completely controllable, but can be roughly applied and or smudged to loosen it up. White chalk can be used to rub out the black, so you can actually animate something without using morphing or something. For the last swirl I applied cooking oil to a rag and then drew into the charcoal with it, giving a stronger effect as it pushed the charcoal about more. But the problem with this is that once it dries you can't apply chalk as it doesn't show up and charcoal, once applied, can no longer be smudged. I'm definitely using some of these techniques in my animation.

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