Friday, 26 April 2013

Elise Character Designs

The main character of our story is the surfer Elise. Below are some of Eline's concept designs for the interview Elise. Basically our animation is split into the interview style shots at the beginning and end and the middle section where the action takes place. The interview parts will be more realistic in style so that they contrast with the more stylized middle section which takes the form of Elise's memory. We decided to make the memory part more abstract because when you remember things it's not as clear and things get distorted, so the style helps show this.

Here are the awesome final designs for the surf board and Elisse. She's in kind of a weird format because we're going to do a test shot of her in a cut out animation style.

These are more concept designs but for the more simplified Elise of the memory section. We want to have her in black and white to make the middle section more dramatic and sinister and to contrast with the colour of the interview sections. Elise tells her story as though it wasn't a big deal, even though the events she describes are quite painful and gruesome, making her seem brave. By using sinister imagery it makes her seem even tougher.

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