Thursday, 20 February 2014

Protest Animation

Recently I was asked to create an animation by the Falmouth Protest Committee that would inform people about the privatisation of student loans. They gave me a script which I had to follow and a deadline of two weeks. These two weeks were fairly intense to say the least, but it was a cool project to work on and I'm glad I did it, even if it did mean going without sleep for a fair few days. Hopefully it will help with the protest against the selling off of student loans in some way.

They wanted a simple, black and white look to the animation so I set about designing the characters, going for stick people type designs. I needed a boy and girl that people could relate to, as these would be the students having their loans sold off. I felt a dark, slightly Tim Burton style would work well as it would emphasize the negative consequences of the selling off of the loans, however I also drew up some less gothic characters as I wanted to give the committee options. They agreed with me though and so I went ahead with the slightly gothic style. 

I also needed two suited, corporate looking characters. I tried to give them a threatening, monsterish look, leaving them faceless to show their lack of emotions as they do not care about what happens to the students. I kept everything very sharp and angular, emphasizing that they are the bad guys in the situation.

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