Thursday, 20 February 2014

Stop The Privatisation Of Student Loans

So that's that, two intense weeks and this is the outcome... I think for just two weeks its pretty good to be fair. Eline Lindaas animated the swinging shackle shot for me and Vicky Keaveney animated the girl's hair, legs and arms in a cycle during the falling scene once she has been eaten by the suited guy, so serious thanks to them for helping me out in my hour of need.

Due to the time constraints I had to just get the animation to a standard where it was passable, having to then leave it and move onto the next bit. I am aware there's a lot wrong with it and it is limited animation, but I think its strong style carries it through and makes it interesting to watch. Ideally I would have created this by hand instead of on Toonboom, where I could have given the characters a lovely boiling texture by scribbling with black pen when I coloured them in, but unfortunately that never would have been finished in time. I really do long for the day when I have enough time to create something exactly the way I want it, but I feel this is growing to be a rare commodity in animation these days.

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