Saturday, 25 January 2014

'A Dog's Afterlife' Animation Shot

This is my animation test shot for my pre production module, with the background Vicky created. I animated it in Toonboom so I had issues with the technical side, I ran out of time as I was trying to loop the run cycle and make it look like the dog was getting closer to camera just before my hand in time, so I just had to make do as I couldn't get Toonboom to co-operate. I had wanted the camera to follow the dog as he ran in a close up and then to remain still as the dog runs up to the camera, blotting out the screen with his nose. I couldn't work out how to do this in time though. 
The run cycle was hard to do, as it was a quadruped running at a three quarter angle, so I looked at some reference of dogs running and went from there. I animated it on runs, doing the body, then the head etc. I actually preferred the run before clean up, when it was just scribbly lines, as it seemed to flow more and have much more power. I made the outline of the dog far too thick, which may have contributed to the loss of fluidity. I hope to upload the work in progress at some point and to just have a looping cycle of the dog.
Ernie and Maggie were easy enough to animate, I've got some fairly nice things going on there, with a good overlap on the finger pointing action. I'm pleased with the run but just wish I had had more time so I could have been pleased with the end result, but I do want to go back to this and improve it.

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