Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Maggie: Attempt Number 1

Below is Vicky's version of Maggie, I took this and made it work better with the Rachel Gilbert style.

Maggie is a girl who died young in the medieval period, so although she looks like a small child she has been around in heaven for so long that she has a wealth of knowledge and acts like a worldly adult. I tried to get this attitude across in my designs and I think I achieved a certain level of intelligence in her face in my final version. I made her very pale with whitish hair (attributes of an elderly person) to add to the contrast between her technical age and the amount of time she has actually been in existence, in one form or another.

It was only once I had finished the turnaround that I realised my fatal error: I had dressed her in modern clothes!!!!! I was kicking myself for such a stupid mistake, obviously Maggie should be dressed in medieval attire, as this would give her character far more interest and be a constant reminder to the viewer that she is much more than a little girl. So expect a revised version of Maggie fairly soon. I'm going to keep her body and face the same, it will just be the clothes that change. 

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