Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Frisbee Throwers

We have to animate a 60 to 90 second segment of our film after the Christmas holidays, so obviously this is a very small fraction of our feature film, so we needed to choose a good scene that could work on its own somewhat, while giving a flavour of the themes of the film. The scene we chose is where Ernie is showing around the disguised Doug in Human Heaven for the first time. He leads him through an attractive looking, busy green city, full of fountains and plants. The streets are full of people relaxing and socializing. Two of Ernie's friends call out to him and he introduces Doug to them. But Doug spots two people playing frisbee in a park and is suddenly overwhelmed by his natural dog instincts and struggles to control his urge to chase the frisbee. He cannot fight it and runs off on four legs, with his trench coat flapping out behind him, hat flying off his head, while Ernie looks on in dismay.

I was tasked with designing the two frisbee throwers. I initially was going to make them young adults but after an unsuccessful drawing session I went away and decided they would work better as little kids. I then came up with two characters I was happy with, applying slight asymmetry to their clothes and hair to give them charm. Rachel Gilbert doesn't really have any examples of people in her work, focusing instead on animals, so I had to base my kids on her animal characters, trying to keep the same shape structure, which I believe I have achieved to some extent. The textures and colours of the characters fit with her style and match with my design of Doug. 

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