Saturday, 21 December 2013

11 Second Club

The 11 Second Club is an online community for animators. Every month there is a new competition where an 11 second long audio clip is released. You then have a month to create an animation that fits the audio and you can use any media, but cannot tamper with the sound at all, except by adding a few silent seconds at the beginning or end.
I'm using December's clip which has no dialogue, just sound effects. Below is my animatic.

So basically a really annoying, hyper active little kid runs in and kicks down a tower made from wooden building blocks.  He celebrates his mischievous success until he hears heavy footsteps..... and then gets his comeuppance when he is taken out by the much bigger bully type kid. I hoped that the viewer would make the link that the tower belonged to the bigger kid but I don't think it's clear enough.

I'm hoping to get a good performance out of this and really show the changing emotions of the annoying little kid. Oh and it is going to be set in a primary school classroom but I haven't shown the background in the animatic.

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