Tuesday, 10 December 2013

The Many Faces Of Doug

The first image shows my first attempt at creating facial expressions for Doug at the same time as playing about with certain aspects of the design of his face. The circled head is the shape I settled on in the end. After my crit with my tutors they suggested that I give Doug more charm by creating some asymmetry in his face, as characters who are not perfect are far more relatable, as they appear more human. So the second image shows my experiments with adding charm, I used patches, freckles, lopsided ears etc to achieve this. My final version combined patches around the eyes and lopsided ears. I think Doug definitely looks better like this, he looks like he has more depth and personality to him, so I need to remember asymmetry is the way forward when designing characters.
I also started to play around with how Doug would look on all fours, but when I gave him more realistic hind legs it strayed to far from Rachel Gilbert's style, so I feel straight legs worked better. I also had to make sure the proportions matched his standing proportions, as it had to look like they were the same character. 

In this last page I was experimenting with applying more stretch and squash to the face to achieve different emotions, as my tutors made the point that in my previous expressions the head remained the same except for the mouth shape and eyebrows changing. I found it quite difficult to manipulate the head shape without making the dog look like a different character all together. I could still probably push these further but I do feel they look more emotive than my more static, previous designs.

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