Sunday, 8 February 2015

Tears and KY Jelly

I finally got to use a decent camera! I did a test shot of Aluki, purely to get to grips with hair blowing in the wind and using KY jelly to create tears. I need to be careful with twinning, but apart from that it works. I did not have anything to apply the KY jelly with, so I had to make do with a screw that was floating around. This was too thick to really apply the jelly with much accuracy, so necx time I think if I bring a cocktail stick it will work much better. But I still think the tear looks pretty cool!

Hamish Ballingall did some really awesome tests of snow for me. He made these in Maya. The first one is just normal snow, the second is normal snow blended slightly more to make the snow in the distance look slightly blurry so it appears farther away and the third is snow with an effect on it to make it more stylized. I preferred the normal snow as the other looked too magical and full of wonder, which is not the tone my film is aiming for. In my film snow is used to signal a cascade of negative and overwhelming emotions, so more realistic snow works better.

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