Monday, 23 February 2015

More Trials And Tribulations of Skinning Weird Blue Creatures with Creepy Faces

I put silicone on the second Creature, trying to colour it with the same shade of blue as Aluki's coat in order to show that the Creature represents her. I put a layer of reasonably opaque baby blue silicone over the foam, then after that dried I added a layer of fairly translucent, slightly brighter blue, before adding a layer of extremely translucent black silicone. It was all going well until I got heavy handed with the black. I thought it would be a good idea to create cracks in the skin, so I pierced the silicone with a cocktail stick, drawing cracked lines through the skin. I then tried to put black silicone in the cracks. As you can see in the first photo, the crack did look pretty cool on his stomach. Buuuuuuuut the black smudged on the Creature and as I made more cracks, the Creature slowly got darker and darker as the black smudged about. Stupid oil paint. 

Once I realised this I compared the Creature to the other Creature and the skin tone was too similar, I needed them to be really different so that the audience gets that there are two different Creatures. It was really annoying as I thought the skin did look really good, it had a nice rock like texture going on. But I had to make the hard, horrible decision to cut all the silicone skin off and start again. To add to my annoyance, the Creature's leg randomly decided to come apart at this point...... literally no idea what happened there, on inspecting the joint I found that the epoxy glue had literally just come unstuck, the wire hadn't snapped or anything. You can see the legless, too dark Creature in the photo below.

I fixed the leg and reskinned the Creature, repeating the steps apart from the last one with the black cracks. The colour is so much better now, but the texture is not quite as good, as it came out smoother. The Creature does have good mobility, it's thin enough that the silicone does not put up too much resistance when bent.

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