Friday, 24 January 2014

11 Seconds of Destruction

So that was my finished line test of the 11 Second Club project. If I had had more time I would have coloured it and sorted out the overlapping of characters and blocks issue, hopefully I'll find some time to do this even though I've already submitted this for marking. I'm quite pleased with this, I think my run works well as it shows off the hyperactive childish personality of the kid. I think the first kick could have been more powerful if I'd have held the foot in the anticipation pose for longer and then had a faster kicking action, as at the minute it is quite slow as I had to drag out the timing to fit it with the sound effects. I also mucked up the stretch and squash of the first jump kick but i realized what I did wrong and corrected it for the later jumps (I didn't keep the boys volume the same during the stretch and I didn't squash him at the climax of his jump). I also think I could have pushed the kid's performance even more by making him more chaotic in his movements. Even though I didn't use stretch and squash on the face, I still think the emotions are easily read by just his facial features moving about. I would've liked to have put more secondary animation on him, such as his hair bouncing up and down but unfortunately I didn't have time.

I tried to keep the bully quite rigid in his movements as I wanted him to seem intimidating, like he didn't need to put any effort into pushing over the kid, as only his arms really move. I tried to make his walk look stompy but it could have done with a bit more work and his footsteps should have been shorter to create more of a stomp effect.

I had issues with drawing the characters separately as the bully ended up overlapping the kid when he advances on him, so I had to rejig my timings which created a lot of extra work for me as it effected how the blocks had to fall in order to match up with the sound effects. So next time I need to plan more thoroughly how the characters work with each other.

The blocks were the last thing I animated and were quite difficult as there were so many of them and I needed them to fall in specific places, so I mapped out trajectory paths for all of them to help plan where they would move. I didn't put any stretch or squash on them so they don't have much believable weight to them, the only reason they have any is because of my spacings of them.

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