Monday, 27 May 2013

What Happens If You Electrocute A Seagull?

I was quite excited by the ident project and wanted to put some creative effort in and do something cool. Idents are basically like the whole Estings thing on E4, so a kind of visual identity. We could animate whatever we wanted as long as it incorporated the words 'Falmouth' and 'Animation'. I wanted to relate my ident to Falmouth and the course somehow, so turned to my trusted friends the seagulls for help, as they are what I think of when thinking of Falmouth. Computers screwing up is something that goes hand in hand with animation, so this formed the animation link.
Below is my storyboard (beautiful isn't it?) So basically a walk cycle is being animated on Flash, but then the computer breaks and we discover it's because a pesky seagull is chewing on the wires... it gets its comeuppance though as it electrocutes itself and explodes in a shower of blood, which then drips away to form 'Falmouth Animation'.

Here's my design work for the seagull:

I wanted quite a dumb looking seagull for more of a comedic effect so settled for this one:

Me figuring out how to electrocute it:

The background design work, done in watercolour:

Since I'm animating in Flash I wanted the background to be hand done so that it has texture to it, otherwise it would all just look to vectorized and clinical for my liking.

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