Saturday, 11 May 2013

Background Project Finals

As promised here are my final images for the background project...

The exterior layout is the weakest of the three, it's not the most dynamic of angles (although I did try!) and my perspective has gone kinda weird when it gets to the cabin at the back. It would appear I've made it lean too much to the right and the windows and door are not spaced out properly so look strange.

This project is the first time I've tried actual watercolour paper and to be honest I'm really not too fond of it. I can get a far smoother result from just using cartridge paper. But anyway I gave it a go on my exterior and interior painted backgrounds. I used an analogous colour palette for the exterior, which I think works very well, and tried to create deep space by having stronger colours in the foreground, with the closest rocks being almost entirely black. I think this has worked to some degree but not as much as in the coloured pencil tests I did previously, merely because I had less control.

My interior is the one I'm most pleased with as although it's a bit messy I now have a way better understanding of how light works as I looked at images such as the one below by Georges de la Tour for inspiration. This image works because there are areas of complete black contrasting with yellow, almost white light. I tried to replicate this in my own painting and I think I've achieved it. I also noticed that when light hits objects it creates these hot spots where instead of yellow the light becomes orangey red, so I tried this out with the objects on the table, as they were the closest things to the light source. The composition also works well as I've managed to make the cabin look really cramped and claustrophobic by making both the floor and ceiling visible at the same time, as well as three of the walls.

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