Thursday, 17 October 2013

Funny In 15 In 5

The first project of the 2nd year is Funny In 15 In 5. We were randomly put in groups of 3 and have 5 weeks to create an animation that lasts 15 seconds and makes the audience laugh. Let me tell you now, this is incredibly difficult!! I'm working with Zoe and Elf (their blogs can be found at and repectively.) One of the ideas my group threw around to start with was having some cute dogs and killing them off in humorous ways, going for comedy through gory cartoon violence. I had at a go at storyboarding this idea:

We decided it wouldn't work though as it would be longer than 15 seconds for one thing and it's not actually particularly funny for another. It would probably work better if the you literally had one short shot per dog death, so it was very fast paced.

We then developed another idea, shown in the animatic below. Zoe drew it up, I got the sound effects and Elf put it all together in Premiere.

The premise is a lumberjack cuts down a tree and it randomly falls on a cow, the humour coming from the randomness of it, in a kind of 'wtf?!' way. But yet again it's not that funny... 
Before we scrapped this idea I drew up some character designs for the cow and lumberjack. We were going for a very simplistic look as I think it's a simple idea and simple characters have more of a comedic nature. This style would also fit with Elf's background design:

Here are some images I used for inspiration. I wanted to take the simple curves and fluid shapes into my own designs.

I used the simple shading in this last image as the basis for my on character colourings. So anyways here's what I came up with.....

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