Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Waltz With Bashir

Today I watched 'Waltz With Bashir', an animation by director Ari Folman. I was really impressed by the very stylized animation, which was created in Flash. It was quite hard hitting, dealing with the unpleasant and violent subject matter of the Lebanon War. The director, Ari, realises he can't remember anything about his life during the war and so interviews his old comrades, trying to piece together what happened.
The style of animation used has a realistic quality to it and everything is very detailed, possibly to help push the fact that it was based on real events. At the end of the film the animation turns to some horrific real footage of the massacre, with the camera zooming and focusing onto the faces of the dead, which was quite difficult to watch.
The opening scene where a vicious pack of dogs is tearing through the streets is one of the parts that really sticks in my mind. I thought the power of the dogs and the fear that they inspired was conveyed brilliantly by the differing types of shot and the contrast between the darkness of the streets and the unnatural yellow sky immediately gave you an unsettled feeling, setting you up for the rest of the film.
I found this film really interesting, both visually and from a narrative point and I am now looking forward to more screenings.

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