Tuesday, 30 October 2012


Our task was to animate a cube shaped character jumping from one spot to another, see something happening off screen and then react to it with an emotion. Hopefully you can tell what the emotion is! 
I bought myself a stop watch and acted out the scene, timing how long all the actions took, which really helped improve my timings and the general flow of the animation. I also used a dope sheet which made using the line testers a much more organised experience. I tried to include the anticipation and overlap techniques we learnt about in our last lecture as well as remembering about squash and stretch.
I'm really pleased with the outcome, as I managed to get some power into the foot stomp and arm motions, although maybe the movement should be a tiny bit faster. The only part I dislike is the kind of shrug the character does once he's seen the off screen incident, as I intended it to look like an aggressive, outraged 'what the hell!!??' type action, but this didn't come across and it just looks like surprise. Another thing to add is that I clearly need to watch the head shape, as it keeps changing volume as I squash and stretch it. Overall though, I'm pretty damn happy! 

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