Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Distance Storyboard

Here we have the first pass of the storyboard. It was drawn by the genius that is Eline Lindaas, The two of us spent a day going through the script and discussed how best to visualise it. Eline then drew it up. She has done an awesome job, her drawing skills never cease to amaze me. Find more of her work here: www.elinelindaasanimation.blogspot.co.uk

There are a fair few things that need changing, as some parts are not bringing out the emotion and tone enough. The whole of the wood chopping scene will be changed and the majority of the blizzard scene and reunion scene will be altered. There are also lots of little tweaks that need adjusting. But I do feel it's on the right tracks.

I'm in the middle of creating the animatic at the minute and will upload that in due course, so stayed tuned!

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