Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Perseus' First Foray Into 3D

Paris and I sculpted these two heads from air drying Fimo. Mine is the one on the right. It was just a rough sculpt to get a feel for how my drawing of Perseus would look in the 3D world. The air drying clay was quite a nice material to work with as it takes a long time to set and can be softened by adding a small amount of water if it starts drying out too early, so you can take your time with sculpting. It was very soft and malleable in comparison to plasticine or even the Fimo I am accustomed to which you harden in the oven, so it was very easy to work with. Once the desired shape had been achieved I smoothed the fingerprints out with a little bit of water. The air drying clay was quite heavy and so would not really be practical for a puppet head, which needs to be light so that the puppet can balance and not topple over from being top heavy.

We decided to combine the general face shape of my sculpt with the hair of Paris' in our next attempts, as we thought these were the elements that worked the best. However we need to find a better material to make the heads from.....

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