Monday, 25 November 2013

Life Drawing Session Number 2

In my second life drawing class of the year, Kathy told me that although my poses were fairly accurate and in proportion, they lacked a sense of life and this could be gained by exaggerating the angles of the body. I had a go at doing this in the 3rd image below, but all I really achieved was making the model's butt look really big and out of proportion.... so yeh gunna have to work on that one...
We then did a negative space drawing, in which we had to draw everything but the model. This was a far more technical approach to drawing: mine turned out alright but I didn't enjoy doing it, as it was a far more controlled way of working. In the last of my images we had a long pose, I made the torso too long and this threw off the rest of my drawing, so the head looks oddly small. I'm getting much better at capturing the poses more quickly though, I now need to work on exaggerating and my thickness of line I think.

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