Monday, 11 March 2013

Adaption Project

The Adaption Project involved choosing an illustrated book, game or image that had a distinctive visual style and adapting it into an animation background which contains secondary animation and a camera move. It's going to be created on Toonboom which I've never used before, but I'm quite excited to learn as it's what Disney use as well as The Simpsons. I chose the game Machinarium as I love the slightly dark, steam punk look it carries, with its inky line qualities and watercolour washes. 

                                                        Image from Machinarium

The next step was to design my own version and then separate it into layers on Photoshop so that when they're all placed in Toonboom it will give the illusion of depth and 3D and the camera can track in and look as though it's actually moving through space. So each layer had to fill the whole screen so that when the camera goes behind a layer there isn't just blank space. I added more layers than were in the original image as I wanted it to have more depth. I created my version by hand with pen and watercolour and then scanned it in.

    Outline of my background design 

Coloured version of my background

We then had to plan our secondary animation by producing an animation layout, which is basically where you give stage directions for what you want to happen in the shot. The next step will be to put all my layers in Toonboom, so expect an update on this project soon!

Animation layout

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