Thursday, 27 December 2012

Squishy On A Mission...

This task involved creating an environment using polygons, which we then had to place our little squishy ball character in and make it interact with the scenery. The ball needed to have a personality and bounce around of its own accord. The stairs could have been made better, they have a few random edges that stick out and if I did it again I would make the steps 3D as at the minute they're just flat faces, they have no thickness to them.
I'm quite annoyed as you can't see that when the ball recoils from the edge at the top of the stairs it starts to shake in fear before he jumps in the air, as the video player is too small, before I ran the file through Premiere Pro you could see it fine.
I think I've managed to give the ball a bit of character though and the good news is Maya is no longer my enemy, but it's still not a friend by a long shot.

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