Monday, 10 March 2014

Perseus Character Designs

So I've been doing some character designing of the Perseus, main character variety.... I initially started off using Tim Burton as reference, such as the characters from Frankenweenie, shown below:

This is Jamie, he's the live action version of Perseus, so I tried to get some of his likeness into my designs.

After asking a few people they said my designs just looked a little too Tim Burton, that I had borrowed too much of his style and that my character resembled 'Corpse Bride's' Victor too closely. I agree with that for some of my faces, but not the one I was going with, which was the face in the bottom right of the second page of drawings down. So I drew a bit more, trying to keep a Burton feel but with less similarities, it was late at night though and I'd had enough, so didn't really get anywhere useful.

I checked out more Quay Brothers' characters, shown below, and decided to incorporate this into the character. The Quay Brothers' characters are far more uncanny and disturbing than Burton's, with more realistic faces but with squashed and misshapen features.

These last two designs are fairly disturbing in my opinion and are uncomfortable to look at, so I achieved my aim here. I personally prefer the other more 'cute-creepy' design I did, but these last two serve their purpose and genuinely look creepy, so it just depends which way the film goes, although I think the earlier design I did is better suited to the film, as there isn't any real reason for the main character, who is meant to be the hero, to look unpleasant and disturbing. Whereas it makes sense for him to look a little dark, as this aids the tone of the cell scene.

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